What Are Gemstone Mala Prayer Beads And Why Use Them?

What are Malas and how can you use them to heal?

A Japa Mala is a series of specially made string of 108 prayer beads typically used in Jainism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and other Eastern religious traditions for spiritual practice called Japa Meditation or Mantra in Sanskrit. They are used as a place holder to count each mantra repetition. They come in different colors and sizes and are usually made from wood, seeds or gemstones. They are often referred to in English as “rosary” or “prayer beads.”

Gemstones are very precious and when used for spiritual purposes they carry a great amount of natural power. Many kinds of gemstones are used for malas and among the most popular ones are crystal, lapis and tiger’s eye. These precious gemstones have been used for hundreds of years as prayer beads, gemstone jewelry and for healing purposes. Mala prayer beads can also be used for healing purposes as colored gemstones can be chosen as the basis for your meditation and prayer sessions. In Tibetan Medicine, one might use wear certain gemstone on their skin for healing, and trace amounts of purified ground stones are often used in their ingested medical compositions!

Gemstones are very powerful and it is said that the best gemstones for prayer and meditation are the ones that offer the correct healing properties for whatever would best bring you into balance. Prayer beads made from powerful gemstones are ideal for those who want to commit more deeply to a regular meditation practice, ground and connect to their roots. We use natural materials sourced directly from mother earth. It is also said that healing with these special prayer beads goes beyond physical levels as it is also possible to improve one’s concentration, spiritual awareness and sense of self as well as accelerate a person’s of healing, recovery and… inner wisdom.

Why are mala beads used for healing, mantra and prayer?

There are many people who are inspired to start using these powerful gemstones for their own spiritual practice, but they face many challenges and difficulties in getting started. Some people get discouraged and frustrated because they find it difficult to successfully get in to a regular, disciplined routine of meditation, using their  mala beads. However, a good daily schedule, some minor lifestyle change, patience and perseverance can go a long way in making your intentions come true and achieving your goals and dreams, becoming the best…you!

To begin your journey in exploring what are mala prayer beads you should learn more about these ancient and powerful spiritual traditions. Malas are usually worn by holy men, priests and devotees of Buddhism, yoga and other Asian spiritual traditions. These beads come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be worn on your wrist, for a short time when not in use.  If you are interested in purchasing beautiful malas you can visit our online store that specializes in handcrafted natural gemstone jewelry. We, at Sakura Designs have been hand making malas for decades and have over 500 styles to choose from.

Once you purchase one or several, you will be amazed at how this simple personal healing and mindfulness has tremendous power to transform your life. You may even decide that this is enough reason to start your own spiritual journey and your own collection of mala beads. Many of our customers collect a rainbow of different ones or use them for different purposes or practices. Just remember that with a little bit of effort you can be successful in creating a daily regular mantra, meditation and yoga routine. You’d be surprised to see how self care gives you extra energy to be of benefit to others each day. Here’s to your best life, and we are honored to be a small part of it!

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