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Rubies and Garnet- The Birthstones for Capricorn

The Breast Of Aaron


Happy Birthday Capricorn! Capricorns are the children of the magical winter solstice, earth signs, and are strong, hard workers and usually very successful at their careers or whatever they put their minds to. Is there any truth to astrological gemstones- why is there a gemstone connected to a sign? No one is totally sure where the tradition of birth gemstones comes from, but a lot of biblical scholars and anthropologists seem to think that their original assignments came from symbolism on the Breast of Aaron. The Breastplate of Aaron was a one of a kind ritual garment which was set with twelve gemstones. They corresponded with the twelve months of the year and the twelve months of the Zodiac. Nevertheless, since the time before Christ, (also possibly a Capricorn!) there have been numerous different systems for determining which birth stones belong to which month. Here’s a breakdown of the Capricorn birthstone gemstones as they’re assigned to the months of late December to early January by different cultures and beliefs.



Vedic Astrology


ruby zoisite mala4Also, as a practicing Buddhist, I rely heavily Indo-Tibetan Vedic system for inspiration and wisdom, and they have their own astrological charts that are quite powerful and in-depth. You can put in your birth date time and place and see what they have to say about your sign and see if any of these propensities ring true. I have also included a link to do a compatibility chart or marriage chart from the Vedic system by Deepak Chopra but no it’s not the same Deepak that we know!



Vedic Astrological Chart


Vedic Compatibility Chart

Ruby- Precious Birthstone

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ruby gold filled



January – If you had been born in the month of January, ruby and garnet are your birthstones. Garnet is the stone for this month in Hebrew, Ancient Rome, Arabic, Polish and Russian traditions. At the ancient Hindu tradition the stone for January is the known as, the obscure… serpent stone. No one is quite sure what a serpent stone actually is, but it’s most likely a ruby to symbolize a mythical and temporal snake’s glittering red eyes. With regards to the western Zodiac, solstice children auspiciously welcome the new year, having been born from Dec.22 to January 19th. The sign of Capricorn and your precious birthstone will be a ruby- we offer ruby mala necklaces here! The iconography of Capricorn is the goat, which represents the Pagan image of Pan otherwise mistakenly referred to in the western pantheon as the Devil. Pan or Lucifer are rather considered nature spirits or light bearers, and the Goat, a symbol of strength and power.



Garnet- Semiprecious Birthstone


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In the ancient Hindu tradition, the stone for Capricorns unknown to many today is represented by the gold sivalinga- and is related to the Indian lands of Chandrakankta. I find it fascinating to delve into Vedic astrology. It’s a whole complex system understanding about nature, ourselves and the natural elements, that to me has been accurate. They are particularly adept with marriage and compatibility charts and very rarely approve marriages, which are still, for the most part pre-arranged in India, if the astrological signs are not harmonious. Cheers horned Capricorn! See our line of Capricorn Gemstone Malas.






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All About-The Birthstone for Capricorn…Rubies!


Precious Birthstone- Ruby

Semiprecious Birthstone- Garnet

Bracelet Birthstone with Astrological Symbol- See Here

Dates:  December 22 – January 19th.




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