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How To Use Mala Beads For Mantra and Wellness

A Japa mala or mantra mala (Sanskrit: mala, meaning “garland”) is typically a corded collection of 108 prayer beads made from gemstone beads, seeds or wood. The word “japa” means “quite or sub-audible recitation” in Sanskrit and it is used to describe a repetitive chanting of sacred Sanskrit or Tibetan mantra prayers or syllables. Mantra originated from India’s powerful, ancient mystical yogic religion. Each prayer bead counted represents the mantra’s meaning and acts like a placeholder to help with focus and concentration. There are many vast variations of the prayer beads and which can be used for a specific practice or haling property. For example, certain prayer mantras represent the desire to heal, have prosperity or wisdom in life. You can repeat, “I am healed, or I am love,” or the famous mani mantra many times.

The simplest way to practice using prayer beads for mantra would be to sit up straight, light a candle, diffuse some essential oil, clear your mind, set your intention and focus on it. Close your eyes and mentally recite your affirmation or mantra as you are meditating. Malas are also used as an abacus, to count the number of mantras completed when making your recitations if you have a certain number to complete. This simple and powerful calming practice uses your sacred rosary mala prayer beads, to stabilize the state of meditation and is a powerful and transformative calming and healing spiritual practice.


Mantra Meditation Practice


We often hear about mantra meditation or mantra prayers, and see people wearing them in yoga class. These are ancient techniques that really help to relax and focus our minds. Meditation is a good way to help us achieve inner peace, no matter what wildness is happening “outside.” The word “meditation” is derived from the Latin word “mater”, which means “self,”  referring to accessing our higher “Self.” Use meditation as a way to lower blood pressure, decrease anxiety and achieve inner calm. Our resilience and spiritual growth can bring many personal health benefits, including a sense of well-being and calmness.

Mantra meditation technique are based on using our well designed mala beads, from Sakura, to help with simple prayer and meditation. You use a word or phrase, a mantra or affirmation, and sit comfortably as you repeat it in your mind. The beauty of this technique is that you can use your own language and not just speak in a foreign language. Your mantra beads can be made from any material, although aromatic hardwoods and other semi-precious stones are the best.

When using your mala beads, place them in your left hand. Repeat your mantra in your mind as clearly as possible. Repeat this mantra or affirmation as many times as you can, focusing each word on each mala bead or mantra bead and then move to the next. The mantra should have significance and an inspired quality for you. Close your eyes and repeat it in your mind with eyes open but relaxed or closed. The doorway to the mountain of inner calm awaits you. Thank you all for your many years of support!



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