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Featured Mala- Magnetizing Mala Beads (Lotus Love)


Magnetizing Mala Necklace

Feeling confused, exhausted, and uninspired? Then you will benefit from the use of some magnetizing mala necklace, healing crystals to get you back on your true path with renewed vigor and heart. Consider the The Magnetizing Mala Necklace, created using a powerful and beautiful combination of lotus love mala beads. If you are needing a boost in energy, mental clarity and want to tap into your inner truth, then tiger’s eye, smoky quartz, turquoise and clear Quartz will most definitely bring about these healing abilities within yourself.

Tiger’s Eye

The meaning and name of the tiger’s eye has a lot do with the behavior of the tiger. According to The Healing Chest, tigers are adept at being patient and staying focused when hunting, and for this reason tiger’s eye is known for its ability to impart clarity and insight while remaining patient when the time is right for decision-making. Its deep shades of golden color and ability to shine and flash in the light offers protection from negative energies, dispels fear and anxiety, and clears emotions so that one’s mind is calm in complex situations.

A powerful stone to use for meditation, tiger’s eye opens one up to the psychic realms while offering spiritual grounding by connecting to both Solar and Earth energies.

Smoky Quartz

Like tiger’s eye, smoky quartz is ideal for meditation. It beautifully grounds higher energies to earth while also offering protection by absorbing and transforming negative energy. When used in meditation, it clears and purifies heavy feelings such as anxiety, fear and depression, creating emotional balance within the individual.


This beautiful blue stone is one of the oldest throughout history, used by warriors and shamans alike for its protective abilities from negative energies. Often associated with the fifth chakra, many refer to it as the Truth Stone as it gently encourages one to communicate the truth, either in the personal or observational sense. Not only does turquoise have many healing properties, it is also used in spiritual work providing connection to the psychic realms.

Clear Quartz

This crystal is one of the most common in the world, and very powerful in its healing abilities. It raises the vibrations of other crystals, and is also known as the Master Healer Stone due to its ability to bring balance to the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. It is a must have for anyone starting out in meditation, or seeking healing through crystals.

Healing Properties

lotus love

Overall, by using the Magnetizing Mala Necklace you will feel all the stones working in harmony: the tiger’s eye and smoky quartz work to bring spiritual grounding and confidence while offering protection from negativity, so that you may reach your goals and express yourself from a place of inner strength. Turquoise soothingly guides to the spiritual dimensions, facilitating you to voice your truth; and clear quartz amplifies the vibrations of all these stones while enhancing all connection from the physical to the spiritual within your being, bringing focus, purpose and inner harmony. xoxo

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