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A Tassel Mala or Not, How to Choose?

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Our Buddhist Mala Beads without Tassels!

How to decide which mala bead necklace is right for me? We started to offer mala prayer beads without tassels a few years ago, using a Tibetan style macrame adjustable slipknot. Our model above is holding our best-selling African Turquoise Prayer Mala, so you can see the picture jasper, beaded ends. We are using a durable 1mm Asian Knotting Cord in a rainbow of different colors, and each mala is finished with 1-3 beads at the end, depending on design. These malas can now be used a prayer beads, necklaces or bracelets, since the ability to open and close permits more of a custom sizing when wrapping it around the wrist. The best part is, that over time, you don’t have to maintain the tassel, which can become matted and discolored  with age. See How To Care For Your Mala

By request, we now have a the #1 bestselling Lapis Mala on sale this week newly designed with no tassel, which can be found here:

Mala Restringing

We still prefer to make malas with natural cotton tassels as shown above, so that you can use the durable, state of the art cable – soft yet flexible string. Malas made with tassels still last the longest, we feel. Here is a closeup of our US made craftsmanship. Many imported tassels are carelessly made from synthetic materials and look “scraggly.” We pride ourselves on consistent and careful, heartfelt mala craft.

Tell Us Your Mala Story!

If you had experience with your malas breaking, or used one that lasted many years, we’d love to hear about it. In general, malas should last about 6 months to a year with regular mantra practice use before breaking and we’d be happy to repair it if it does. If you are wearing your mala every day, it may break more quickly, and its best to keep away from water, pools and sweat. We are devoted to our mala bead art as craftsmen and are always looking to improve and offer only the best mala beads possible!


  1. Douglas Owen Jones Jr.

    Hi, my Mala that I used for at least 10 years was stolen when my house was robbed. It was a custom made dark body seed male with a large red tassel and 3 red oval choral beads. I have looked around for a similar Mala, but I can’t seem to find one. Do you make custom Malas?

    1. Hi Douglas, did you ever get a new mala?

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