taurus mala beads

Jade Birthstone Prayer Beads: Taurus Gemstone Mala

The month of May is the time of year that represents change, rebirth, and growth. Sakura’s Taurus Mala Bracelet is a beautiful representation of the lush, vibrant greens that appear in this month. All facets of nature sing in harmony as winter fades away and spring comes to life, and many individuals embrace this season of change and use its tranquility to seek peace within themselves. This bracelet is carefully crafted with jade stones, which promote relaxation and prosperity in the wearer. The spiritual benefits of wearing this bracelet assist the wearer in finding peace.

taurus mala beads

Jade is the true ruling gemstone of individuals born under the Zodiac sign of Taurus. As stated on Zodiac Fire, Taureans are extremely independent and self-reliant. Jade can enhance these independent qualities by guiding its users through difficult times and rough emotional terrain with clarity and good fortune. Handling and wearing jade on a regular basis can also assist in the development of tranquility and serenity, which is incredibly useful for Taureans, who tend to worry often and to let stress overcome them.

Taurus Mala Bracelet- May

According to The Healing Chest, jade is also considered an important “dream stone.” By understanding your dreams, you truly understand your deepest desires and needs. Wearing jade close to your skin can bring clarity and understanding to your dream world, which will aid in self-awareness and emotional growth. In many philosophies, the gain in the knowledge of self is of utmost importance, and it is often considered the ultimate enlightenment.

Taurus Mala Bracelet- May

But please remember, jade is not only beneficial to Taureans. Jade is a stone that can provide protection and good luck to any individual. The Taurus Mala Bracelet is created with varying shades of jade and accentuated by beautiful metal beads. By wearing this bracelet, you will also promote your clarity, courage, justice, wisdom, and modesty. Jade is representative of these traits, and clears the spiritual path to obtain them.


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  1. The Taurus Mala Bracelet combines the beauty and personal nature of the birthstone with the radiance of the taurus gemstone, making a phenomenal gift. Giving the gift of the Taurus Birthstone might make all the difference in the spiritual life of your loved one.

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