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June Birthstone Prayer Beads for Gemini

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Gemini comes across as a flighty, social but often amicable sign. However, there is more to this sunny, friendly personality. Gemini is the sign of the Twins, which means they are dual-natured and can seem to have two sides to their personality; oftentimes one side is more socially and intellectually expressive while the other is fraught with deep emotions. They generally have strong intellects and mental agility; they can easily delve into complex subjects and situations and detach themselves emotionally in order to see many perspectives. But due to so much mental energy being used, they are often prone to “over-thinking” and leave their emotional world unattended, which can cause mood swings and an inability to communicate their feelings as eloquently as they do their thoughts. One way to keep the sign of the Twins balanced and from mentally over-working, are the use of the following three stones found in the Gemini Mala Bracelet, which are must-haves for any Gemini.

PEARLpearl necklace

Although it is well-known in Chinese medicine that pearl has many healing qualities, such as helping treat the digestive tract, muscular systems and skin, it is also great for promoting positive mental states and curing mental stress, hypertension and even headaches. For the Geminian’s “over-thinking” tendencies, pearl is ideal for maintaining harmonious mental energy and allowing calmness, level-headedness and love to flow through where there is excess mental chatter, confusion, or even mood swings.


OPALITE/ MOONSTONEmoonstone prayer beads

Gemini individuals are great at expressing their inventive thoughts and ideas, but when it comes to verbalizing emotions it can get a bit complicated, as they are often less forthcoming in expressing them. This can cause a lot of confusion and create a dark cloud around the Geminian’s emotional world, making it darker than it is. And in this regard, opalite is a great facilitator for this sign. Often used for meditation and enhancing psychic abilities, opalite also aids to soothingly access deeper, hidden and often uncomfortable emotions  and brings them to the surface for clearing and healing. Opalite also works with the solar plexus and increases self-esteem, which serves the Gemini personality to feel more confident in communicating feelings to others and releasing them. Upon processing their emotions, the dual-natured Gemini will regain more balance between their emotions and mind.


crystals birthstone june

One of the most powerful healing crystals and most common around the world, clear quartz is known as “the master healer” stone, and used for all zodiac signs. It re-balances energy and clears any negativity from the individual, including thoughts and emotions cluttering the soul. For any Gemini person, using clear quartz in meditation will clear and elevate their spiritual energy in order to truly tap into their intelligence and creativity at deeper levels. Quartz also enhances the metaphysical and healing qualities of other stones. Placed side by side with crystal and pearl, the Gemini individual is sure to experience the heightened effects of both stones. In turn, this will create a balanced personality and an emotional stability and openness, which will allow Geminians to better express their beautifully complex natures in a healthier way with the world.

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