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Mala Prayer Beads of the Month: ROSE QUARTZ

rose quartz

Rose Quartz Mala Prayer Beads are gentle and understated with powerful healing properties. They feature soft pink rose quartz beads with aquamarine and silver markers, complete with a cotton tassel. The soft pink and blue are perfect for the warmer months and go with anything. While looking stylish, the rose quartz will help open up your Heart Chakra,bringing peace and harmony to your life. Aquamarine will calm your aura and bring physical healing. Working together, they help bring overall balance.


The stone of love, rose quartz not only helps you forgive those around you, but also forgive yourself, helping to let go of repressed guilt and anger. If personal expression is difficult for you, wearing rose quartz over your Heart Chakra will help you let go of emotions in a more positive way. Rose quartz is often used by people who suffer from depression or anxiety as a calming tool. Holding it in your hand over your heart and breathing deeply is a helpful meditation.


According to That Crystal Site, Aquamarine can help you connect to your spiritual self. This is helpful in meditation or yoga. Aquamarine affects the Throat Chakra, which deals with personal expression. If you have a big meeting or presentation, wearing Aquamarine can help you get your point across clearly. Helping to clear away cloudy or negative energy, it is a key tool in aiding the transition to a new career or even a new relationship. Cleansing like water, it lives up to its name by washing away the old and helping to bring in the new.

Rose Quartz Mala Prayer Beads


Rose quartz and aquamarine are a stunning pair, both visually and spiritually. Working together to calm the spirit and neutralize negativity, they bring a sense of calm and peace to the aura. These will quickly become a favorite.

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