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July Birthstone Prayer Beads for Cancer

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The Cancer Mala Bracelet is a great way to keep the Cancerian personality grounded while processing past emotional experiences and bringing awareness to their emotional reactions to others. Ruled by the moon, the sign of Cancer fluctuates to the flow of emotions. Cancer people thrive in peaceful environments and dislike conflict. Known as the sign of the crab, these sensitive individuals can literally get a bit “crabby” when hurt or offended, retreating into their “shell” to sulk. They wear emotions on their sleeves and are prone to brood for days, even sometimes employing emotional manipulation to get back at their source of hurt. But, despite their emotional sensitivity, they are courageous and will defend their home and those they love due to their deep connection to their home roots and caring natures.


Cancer Mala Bracelet-July

Black Onyx Beads

Known as the “Stone of Self-Mastery,” black onyx offers healthy self-confidence and emotional protection by releasing past pain or trauma. It is a grounding stone due to its association with the root chakra and its ability to fortify inner strength. These healing qualities benefit any Cancer person due to their rooted connection to their home and their emotions. This encourages them to heal past wounds so that the individual can move forward by transforming any past negative energy without resorting to bad habits, such as manipulation and other vindictive behaviors or emotional selfishness.

Wearing onyx or meditating with it  further helps to release spiritual blockages in order to bring harmony with others and in relationships. It also aids the individual to stay focused on their own goals and ideas.

Clear Red Crystal

A great stone for clearing heavy emotions and bringing back the joy in life, those born under the sign of Cancer will find themselves releasing grudges and past emotions with ease. Red quartz invigorates life energy, and Cancerians will feel their creative force stronger within themselves while their true, loving personality blossoms. Like any quartz crystal, red quartz serves to balance the individual in the spiritual, emotional, and mental aspects of their being.

Cancer Mala Bracelet- July

Healing Properties

Cancerians will feel emotionally balanced in their home and life purpose when connecting to the onyx and red quartz found in the Cancer Mala Bracelet. The red quartz brings joy to dark emotions while onyx, with its grounding abilities, brings emotional stability. Cancer people will feel inner harmony, create a peaceful environment, and be able to help and nurture those they care about without smothering or manipulation. Cancerians shine when expressing their caring heart in a truthful and honest manner, while spreading joy through their nurturing love.

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