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Workout… with Shiva Rea Yoga!


Shiva Rea is an accomplished western yoga workout teacher that we highly recommend, from Southern California. She created a form of yoga called Shiva Rea yoga which is a very strong,  joyful method of combining a moderate workout with yoga exercise. It was designed to improve the energy flow of the individuals regardless of what spiritual path one is on. Yoga is generally associated with eastern religions such as Hinduism or Buddhism but it’s health benefits transcend all connection with religion and each of us can benefit through a regular or semi regular practice. One important benefit of using yoga as a work out method as opposed to simply going to the gym, as you work out the body, emotions mind and spirit. Her tradition offers an extensive online training class with videos that you can follow along at home or downloadable DVDs such that you can integrate a yoga work out as part of your new daily life!

Please make sure to read her inspiring first book, “Tending the Heart Fire: Living in Flow With the Pulse of Life.” The main intent of the exercise is to reestablish someone’s core equilibrium and strength, and increase life force energy, or prana. Her DVDs that those who’re interested offer a perfect, concise 20 minute workout, guaranteed to be life enhancing!  You will relish every portion of her guided workout.  This specific yoga exercises have countless advantages. Firstly, just like every other exercise technique of yoga, it’s extremely beneficial for the individual’s health and finding ways to fully manifest in one’s life. Yoga workouts offer huge benefits in our individual health even when it is only infrequently practiced, every little bit is powerful!

The get the best results, one should commit to Shiva Rea Yoga everyday. One Ayurvedic Doctor, John Douillard, says we should exercise for 12 minutes a day, everyone can manage that!  Consistency is the key to increase our metabolism and strength. A bit every day offers more benefit for the practitioner, as compared with doing it only a few times a week. With Shiva Rea Yoga, we get to develop  balance, composure as well as tranquility. Experts in wellness and health recommend this yoga practice for the days that are more stressful, which for us in these times, is every day! For relaxation, Shiva Rea Yoga is performed best with a morning meditation. If you are in sync with mind and body, we can tune into and listen to what is needed, gain endurance to sculpt muscles and strengthen, making one a true yogi (yogini!).

This yoga technique is very popular today, specifically for people to follow along  to on-line resources like Youtube or her DVDs. In fact, her videos have been highly regarded as a cutting edge yoga method- east meets west. Her workout is geared toward yoga practitioners of all levels: beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. Shiva Rea Yoga is challenging for these new and advanced yoga practitioners, and benefits health enthusiasts of all ages and genders. For all those who are seeking for the best yoga practice guide they could possibly have, this Shiva Rea Yoga Daily Energy: Vinyasa Flow Energy would be a must have. Check her latest video web site over at which gives folks advice about the best yoga practice products like Shiva Rea Yoga in addition to more info on yoga exercises. Here’s to our core strength!

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