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Healing Spring Cleaning Detox… Inside and Out!

Outer Spring Cleaning Detox

Spring is our favorite time of year because it always feels that we can have a fresh start, like a whole new life, filled with growth and possibility. We like to take this time of year to begin the new renewal process with cleaning our homes, bodies and mind, to start a new! Take everything out of each room, clean it well, windows and all, and then replace items in a new and fresh way. While you’re spring cleaning the remainder of your house, remember the kitchen, cupboard and fridge, every nook and cranny affects our mind and well being. In Taoism or martial arts, a clean, flowing, sunlit space is called one filled with vibrant “Chi,” or life force energy. When a space is dirty and degraded, ignored, it is called Shaw, or “dead chi.” The good news is that Shaw, can always be healed with a little attention and care!

An important part of the external cleanse for us requires that we  physically grow at least some our own food and that can be done even if you live in a small apartment with vegetable boxes out on your porch. If you’re don’t have the greatest Green-thumb we also discovered that a lot of green houses and tree farms will do a home installation of a small raised garden bed in your backyard, with a drip irrigation so you can grow fresh fruit outside without virtually any effort! There’s nothing like local sustain-ably grown and fresh vegetables right from your backyard to help to strengthen and cleanse the body with deep nutrition that cannot be found from the grocery store. Some cities, now even allow for “urban chickens,” we at Sakura have five, which means fiver organic eggs a day, please look for next month’s article!

The best way to receive healthful is having a lot of this good, healing food available. No one will ask you to throw out all the decadent, comfort foods, but with a cleanse, one can kickstart the body to maximize benefit with regards to eating right.

Inner Spring Cleaning Detox

We have found the very best Ayurvedic Cleanse that you can do for free here.

Growing seasonal veggies has the bonus of making certain they are eaten at their peak, when they are packing the most nutrients they can. If you can’t grow your own, we recommend purchasing them in the farmers market so they have the very best nutritional value and aren’t transported from long distances. On your next shopping trip, pick these superfood powerhouses: Green peas: full of vitamin C and thiamin, green peas help allergy sufferers and help ward off depression. Artichokes: Skip the cooked and also learn how to cook them fresh, because artichokes include cynarin and a probiotic called inulin. They assist with digestion and are an amazing part of our cleanse. Asparagus: rich in vitamin K, vitamin A, protein and folic acid, this spring green aids transport calcium into your bones and boosts your immunity. Fava beans: High in fiber, iron and also protein, these often overlooked beans function to lower your cholesterol and stimulate passion and fertility.

Lettuce: Think anything, but iceberg here. Different types of lettuce are all chock filled with anti-oxidants and come in a number of colors which will make your salad more appealing. Arugula: A great addition to salads due to its peppery flavor, arugula can be a source of magnesium, which can help strengthen bones, keeps your immunity system going strong and also aids in muscular health. Radishes: Eaten with broccoli, that they work together to ward off cancer. They’re also a great source of vitamin C in their very own right. The leaves are also edible and can be better for you, with even more vitamin C, calcium and protein. Green onions: In addition called scallions or spring onions, these little men are packed with an anti-oxidant that lowers your blood pressure level and reduces your risk of coronary disease. They also act like an antihistamine, which can be perfect for individuals with allergies. Spinach: Popeye will be proud. This leafy green is an unexpected source of vitamin C, as well as folic acid, betaine, lutein and zeaxanthin. Plain old yellow crookneck squash has vitamin C, folic acid, beta carotene, calcium and also all 10 of the amino acids that your body needs, but doesn’t produce. Strawberries: Packed with fiber and vitamin C, garden strawberry shield your heart and increase high-density lipoprotein.

Take this growing and shopping list, do a cleanse, make smoothies, salads and juices, and you will experience a health overhaul and rebirth… depression gone! Weight…Gone!


Spring Equinox MalasSecret Spring Cleaning Detox

The “secret” spring cleaning detox is more of taking the time to discharge and prune out all of the stress, fixation, colorful political drama, family drama, work drama that we’ve taken on and the toxicity is circling around and around our minds and affecting our visit physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The good news is that within our humanness, there is a treasure trove of stillness, silence,health and well-being regardless of the external conditions of the world. This can be accessed by taking some self-care time being quiet, walking in nature, taking some time for a morning yoga and meditation to still the mind. We have an amazing collection of mala of prayer beads to facilitate this process. Please look at our collection of over 500 healing prayer beads that can be used as a tool for secret spring cleaning detox. Here’s to our outer, inner and secret spring!

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