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The 8 Pillars of Wellness and Health- The New Dharma?

These 8 dimensions, also known as the 8 Pillars of Wellness offer an invaluable, forward thinking model and map to becoming a flourishing, productive and well person. Too many people assume that whenever they’re not ill, they’re healthy. We do yoga or meditation, eat well, and all seems just fine, but we feel that there […]


Staying Home? 10 Free Ideas to Create an at Home Wellness Retreat!

  1. Reconnect to our daily meditation and yoga.   2. Burst exercise- 6 minutes interval jumping jacks and walking, count to 60 jumping jacks, then fast walk in place to cool down x 3, powerful! You can do this cardio… anywhere! ?‍   3. Drink lots of water, lemon water and tea (staying hydrated […]

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What is Enlightenment? Series Part 2.- Questioning “Spiritual Evolution”

I am an ardent, rigorously honest, spiritual seeker, the owner of Sakura Designs, and offer Mala Beads for meditation and yoga. I have a degree in Contemplative Psychology from Naropa University and with a minor in Buddhist Studies, and have been looking to find a viable spiritual path since I was a teen. I’ve recently […]

Affirmation Mantras

Uncovering Our Inner Divine with Affirmation Mantras

  Positive affirmations can change our lives. We experience all reality on the basis of our personal mind, so if we change this mind, our experience changes too.  Indeed, we can reveal our natural divinity with Affirmation Mantras.  Affirmations are simple messages, a word or phrase that expresses an intention of what we’d like to […]

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Healing Spring Cleaning Detox… Inside and Out!

Outer Spring Cleaning Detox Spring is our favorite time of year because it always feels that we can have a fresh start, like a whole new life, filled with growth and possibility. We like to take this time of year to begin the new renewal process with cleaning our homes, bodies and mind, to start […]

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Using Mala Prayer Beads to Set Intentions for Yoga Practice

Yoga is a meditative practice that attends to both the spiritual components of the mind and the physical structures of the body. Aligning these elements is a crucial part of any yoga practice and is achieved by setting intentions which help us recognize changes we wish to see within ourselves. Intentions are difficult to manufacture […]