Staying Home? 10 Free Ideas to Create an at Home Wellness Retreat!



1. Reconnect to our daily meditation and yoga.
2. Burst exercise- 6 minutes interval jumping jacks and walking, count to 60 jumping jacks, then fast walk in place to cool down x 3, powerful! You can do this cardio… anywhere! ?‍
3. Drink lots of water, lemon water and tea (staying hydrated in mouth and throat helps to prevent illness they say, washing down any viruses to be destroyed by your stomach acid).
4. Eat simply, nutritiously and well (or as best we can with the ration foods). I bought high grade multivitamins with Zinc and Extra Vitamin C.
5. Take warm baths and warm oil baths, (in Ayurveda, lightly heat up coconut or sesame oil and put…everywhere even in hair, then a bath, and use a body brush, scrub away from heart for lymphatic massage), lavender steam facials, manicures and pedicures all around
6. Get off of internet and read a good novel (or for me, political and social theory, non-fiction).
7. Play chess or card games, charades with family.
8. Family movie nights with popcorn, stop internet and video games! Connect!
9. Go for walks, put on music, ecstatic dance and sing.
10. Clean, sterilize, organize, purge and Feng-shui, the whole house and fridge, cabinets and closets and egads… garage!

woman pampering bath

Thank you to our heroes, especially medical and food chain workers who are bravely taking care of us all now, and I pray that we can somehow heal and bounce back. It is shocking and heartbreaking, the loss of lives from this pandemic, peace to everyone who becomes ill or loses a loved one. If we try to make the best of it, vigilantly stay home and use some this time for an at home wellness retreat, whether or not we get Covid-19, we can, with hope, come out of this time renewed and ready to rebuild a new and maybe different way forward.
Stay Safe and Well Everyone,
Dawn Boiani-Sandberg

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  1. Thank you for all your effort and energy you are sending into this World

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