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Uncovering Our Inner Light Through Gemstone Healing Therapy

We’ve all had our hearts broken. In the midst of anguish or loss or disappointment it feels as though it will never heal and when we look back at the things that felt most difficult we see that they completely passed. In Tibetan dharma wisdom, a great master once said our thoughts and emotions “disappear like the imprint of a bird in the sky.” The mind and the heart are incredibly resilient and in one life we can go from the depths of despair to feeling the most powerful and most hopeful whereas every day is a new opportunity for learning and loving.  We can indeed, uncover or recover our inner light, using techniques like meditation and yoga with Gemstone Healing Therapy.

Social Media and Gurus Won’t Heal Us

One of the problems that we have in the west unlike more traditional cultures, is the speed and stimulus oriented society that we live in. There seems to be a distinct cultural tendency to move the attention outward: TV, shopping, something outside of us that’s going to make us entertained and feel better and that starts even as infants. That externalization of attention draws us away from being connected to our own grounded  and strong selves. So if something bad happens to us like the dissolution of our relationship, the death of a friend or family member, disappointment, being fired from the job, these experiences really hurt us deeply. But sadly, we don’t really have a culture that understands the premise of taking time to grieve and to be silent with oneself and to be not distracted, entertained or stimulated. We don’t have a culture of like in Judaism, sitting shiva, where you might take a year off to mourn the loss of a close family member. The next day, were expected to get right back to work with barely time for even one personal or mental health day and stressful travel vacations are often, hardy healing! This creates a situation where we have compounding instances of pain and loss that are unprocessed and that creates a being that is feeling oftentimes unhealed and unwell. We try to fix it by further amounts of externalization of entertainment: shopping, lovers,  social media, movies, a glass of wine whatever we can find “outside” to make ourselves feel better.

The grave error that we’re making is that we’re looking outside to heal something that can only be healed at its root. This is even the problem with a lot of spiritual traditions we give our power over to someone who we believe or hope will be a savior for us. We believe that they have more wisdom, they are a Guru, their blessings or wisdom will heal or “fix us” somehow. However, the mind again, posited toward something outside doesn’t connect to its own real strength. That’s why in a lot of spiritual traditions as you’ve given your power over to someone else don’t really have great results in our evolution. So as far as healing, it is believed that it starts with the willingness to be with oneself, simply, silently to feel and be willing and brave enough to be with our alone-ness. At that moment the mind has a chance to settle down, to begin to have a chance to unravel. We might cry or feel tenderness, we might feel the loneliness which oftentimes is simply, our natural state, that we want so much to cover and ignore.


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Self Healing with Earth and Light Tools

In quantum physics, they talk about how everything is basically composed of insubstantial light and frequency. Our bodies if we take the time to implement healing methods that have been used in more traditional cultures, we can begin to open that which has been blocked since time immemorial. One method is to take time in meditation and healing to reopen our blocked centers that can be the cause of the beginnings of disease. Different gemstones that are created by fantastic, healing, living “Gaya” magical mother earth, have got different color and mineral frequencies and if placed on certain parts of the body or held close to the body, can begin to heal. It is suggested that they can have an impact on us feeling and connecting to a sense of well-being. Each of the stones even when you just look at them will have an impact on a feeling tones directly connected color therapy and the earth’s amazing riches that it has given to us to celebrate and utilize.

In Tibetan Tantra and is Taoism, they talk about the seven main chakras or  spiral “wheels” of energy that constitute the body. They roughly correspond to different centers along of the spinal cord and the ones that are in the physical body are basically five. The ones that correspond to the physical body are considered the five elements namely: earth, water, fire, wind (or wood) and space. Each chakra has have different colors associated. If one feels blocked one could take gemstone beads or prayer malas themselves and place the stones directly on those five energy centers open up blocked energy and release unprocessed energetic toxins. It iseven better on warmer days to bring your color stone therapy or mantra practice outside to have a walking “nature bath” too! One movement meditation is called “aimless wandering.” Go where you like, wander around the yard or neighborhood (but maybe not on others property!), go to a hiking area, drink in sun and sky, feel the earth barefoot, wade in water, feel all 5 elements, move, jump, celebrate your life freely as you were born to!

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Tears> Openness> Enlightenment

In meditation or healing sessions it is best to be alone or with a trusted friend or counselor because but often times grief will need to come up as a lot of tears from a lifetime of repressed memories. The tears and grief are not considered to be a short-coming they are the mind and heart‘s way of discharging blocked channels and as they open up there will be an emotional release.

It is said in these traditions, that the very process of opening and releasing creates this proper “wheel” of healthy energy flow. This process changes the person’s entire experience and mind. These are the building blocks of opening up our inner light, and the true spiritual path toward nothing less than enlightenment.

Those brave enough to really embark on this journey their evolution is oftentimes forged with tears and very very deep inner work that’s not necessarily conceptual or based on talk therapy, it is based on directly relating with and opening up the block elements within us. So Gemstone and color therapy can be an invaluable tool toward healing the mind and body. Choose a gemstone or set of prayer beads that you feel personally connected to you and hold them close to your body, use them and repeat an affirmation like: I am healed, I am love. This contact with the colored earth stones as well as the modern mantra of affirmation, starts us off on a very powerful path toward uncovering the hidden divinity that’s with us all.

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