mantra girl

Setting Your Intention Mala:

Love, Balance, healing, what qualities could you imagine drawing to yourself?  Our mala bead artists have created powerful and well designed gemstone healing beads used as a protective talisman. Choose your personal set of prayer beads for mantra or to wear to create just the right personal balance.

There are lots of healing gemstone traditions surrounding the usage of prayer beads. The kind of natural materials  the amount of beads, the way they are used, and what religion they may be from all hold power and meaning.

We have seen references suggest that Buddhism or Hinduism were the first one to use beads, by repeating a word, mantra and intention, as a way to calm and stabilize the mind meditation and evoke devotion and compassion.

Eastern traditions, now fully integrated into our lives, and we are grateful to have these ancient east meets west treasures. The significance of mantra practices are for heatlh, insight and inner healing, and malas are a great tool to help us shine. Heal, Empower, Create and Thrive!