yoga beads prayer

Yoga Jewelry

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About Yoga Jewelry

yoga beads prayer


Have you seen a child who just discovered a new toy; this is the kind of reaction you will see when a person discovers the world of yoga jewelry. There are many yoga lovers who actually don’t know what exists in the world of yoga jewelry; most of them know everything else about yoga mats, yoga clothes as well as other important items in the discipline. However, yoga jewelry is slowly becoming popular; you should be able to enhance your experience in this art by learning about yoga jewelry because just like the other items, it is supposed to help you increase your focus on the body’s electricity.


There some forms of yoga jewelry that is supposed to give a person an additional lucky karma when they are wearing them. Once people learned the importance of this form of jewelry and what it is capable of doing, it has tremendously increased people’s interest in the same. People are also beginning to learn the significance of different charms and pendants since they all have a special meaning to yogis. Getting handcrafted yoga jewelry is not difficult today. While all of them are creatively designed, you can rest assured by the fact that it does more than making the wearer look beautiful and attractive; it has a way it aids the wearer when they are doing their mediation. Who doesn’t want to benefit from something that has multiple charms that also aids in the interpretation of the yoga discipline?



There are also pieces of yoga jewelry that feature spirals that involve light; they are normally made using high quality charms and crystals and are handcrafted together to make a unique yogi appearance. Yogis believe that the spirals of light can re-energize the entire body especially when the energy has been lost because there was a period of disconnection. When you wear this type of yoga jewelry you also get the balance that you may be missing. There are different types of spirals of light but the most notable ones come in form of anklets and bracelets.


There are other types of yoga jewelry that is supposed to promote healing. The energy that is found in these pieces is especially therapeutic. The type of therapy hat is associated with this type of healing does not at all involve any intervention by medicine; it all requires that concentration that comes with the practice of yoga so that you can easily rejuvenate your lost energy. You can get to inspire yourself by wearing this type of yoga jewelry as well as receive a particular level of comfort and calmness. With all these and many other factors that time and pace doesn’t allow us to write, you can easily see the many benefits associated with yoga jewelry that you don’t want to miss out on.

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This article has been written by Lora Davis

for Sakura Designs which is an online only store selling a range of Yoga jewelry, mantra meditation, beads mala among other products. The company is based in Boulder, Colorado and offers nationwide deliver that lowest prices.


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