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Mantra Beads for a Broken Heart

 Beads for a Broken Heart

Most everyone who walks this beautiful planet has experienced a broken heart. When emotional wounds are raw, it is crucial to nourish your physical and spiritual health. The gentle, but rigorous, challenges of mantra practice or a yoga flow, help keep you grounded in your body. Feel the support of, and connection with, the earth as you stand rooted in tree pose. Offer your heart up freely in goddess pose. Remember your strength and power as you extend into warrior two. Let these ancient poses remind your of your complete self.

The guided nature of your time at home in a quiet corner, or in a yoga studio can be very healing: relinquishing control for a beat, and simply concentrating on your breath. Allow your practice to give your mind a vacation from its painful thoughts, and your body a break from the tension it is carrying. With a nourished body and spirit, you are free to concentrate energy on heart healing. This healing source within is always accessible.

earth love malas

Supplement that heart-healing nature of your practice with a beautiful set of our yoga mala beads. Our Earth Love Mala is made from rose quartz and Rhodonite stones. Rhodonite, known as the “stone of compassion,” is a beautiful, vivid pink. It is said to clear “away emotional wounds and scars from the past, leaving one able to nurture love. It stimulates, clears, and activates the heart.”

Does your heart need clarity and activation? Are your emotional wounds harming your ability to nurture love? If so, look to yoga, meditation and mantra to aid you on your journey to a heart-whole self. Bring this exquisite set of beads to your studio home and surrender to a more ancient wisdom. And, of course, always remember what Rumi tells us: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” For men who have heartbreak, please see our Dragon Mala, grounding, African turquoise.

Every emotion, since it is empty of self nature, constructed, situational, in time must and will pass. Sometimes we feel like it will never end. Think back to the saddest or most frightened you have ever been, you may have thought that it would stay forever. Where is that now, it passed! That is the good news, so savor and learn from it now, we can use this human, heartbroken feeling to become more gentle and compassionate.

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