Riding the Winds Change with Yoga, Meditation and Mantra

Go with the Flow…

Sometimes it feels like change is the only constant in life, and some people are more adaptable than others.  While a go with the flow attitude is second nature to some, many feel paralyzed with indecision in the face of big changes that require life decisions. In those moments of uncertainty, something familiar and practiced will support you.  Yoga, meditation, and mantra are three options for respite.

Create your own asana sequence that brings stillness to your body. In times of stress, the body tends to contract to shield the self from an onslaught of stress whether it is mental, emotional, or physical. Spend some time exploring yoga poses that bring comfort to your body and make you feel good.  This is not a practice to test your skills. Instead, choose postures that are second nature to you. This is the comfort zone that supports your soul during times of unrest.

After practicing your sequence, settle into a meditation that focuses the mind. Meditation comes in many forms. Simply focusing on the breath is a meditation as you bring the thoughts and mind to ease and tune into your body and the universe around you.

If you have problems clearing the mind during meditation, a mantra may be helpful. Mantras are words repeated either mentally or aloud. Focusing on a word or phrase helps to eliminate errant thoughts that clutter your mind and obscure your connection to the universe. Choose a word or phrase that means something positive to you. The key is to focus; one-pointed focus is easy with a mala. As you repeat the mantra word or phrase, roll a bead between your fingers, and move to the next bead with each repetition.

Our galleries feature a wide variety of malas. Choose the beads that speak to you. You may need to meditate to decide because there are so many! Rest assured, the perfect set of beads will find their way to you. Each mala bead description provides the historical meanings and uses, but follow your instinct. For example, you may be searching for heart-healing, which leads you to a beautiful Rose Quartz Mala, but you feel drawn to this Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise Mala which is said to provide great healing. Go with the one that makes your heart sing, and ride the winds of change in peace.