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Our Mini Mala Collection-Imported

 What Are Mini Malas?? See Our Collection Here…


mini mala beads

Mala beads are traditionally 8mm in diameter, to be precise, 0.3149606 of an inch, about 1/3rd, the size of an edamame.  We presume all of our readers can relate to that! The mini malas are 6mm, smaller than the norm, about the size of a pea. See our actual size chart here:

Mala Bead Sizes:

mala bead sizes

Our mini malas are on stretchy, elastic cord, imported for select vendors and made from natural materials with cute decorations. Some are gemstones and some are gemstone colored glass “crystal” as noted. These delicate prayer beads can be used to travel, mantra practice, as necklaces, bracelets and make perfect scared gifts at a very reasonable price. Ours ship from the USA not China, so they arrive  in 1-2 days. You can get them for a few dollars cheaper from Asia, but you often have to wait about 25 days, and you don’t get to support our little shop!

mini malas chakra

Why the Price Difference?

Malas are very different in quality and craftsmanship, and it can be hard to tell as a newcomer. Our Asian vendors take great photos and these are very reasonable, for the price if under $29. Mini Malas are all IMPORTED MALAS, not made by us in the USA. Our malas are not on stretchy cord, since stretch cord can break more easily, so we waive our USA Sakura Designs Craftsmanship Warranty. If your mala does break after time, as all malas do, we can repair it for $25 by ordering repair service here.

Yes, thats the “deal” with imports, it cost more in the US to repair then to replace, but then you get to keep your treasure and recycle, so its still a great option. We do not use stretch cords for mini malas we can remake them with an adjustable slipknot or a tassel, your choice! They will not stretch around your wrist like they did with elastic, but with a slipknot you can often open and close to adjust. We can also ‘reincarnate’ mini malas with a new design! Enjoy our US based, US shipping imported mini mala collection.

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