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Healing Properties of our Mala Beads

collection set of semi-precious gemstones
collection set of semi-precious gemstones

If you are wondering which set of mala beads to choose from, we have a really cool Gemstone Numerology Birthstone Calculator at the bottom of this page. Just type in your birthdate and the suggested healing  stones specific to you will appear!

But in general, how is your spiritual life? Do you find it easy to focus on peaceful thoughts or mantras? If you’re already well aware of the many uses of mala prayer beads, consider, for a moment, the ways in which malas have positively impacted your spiritual life.

crystal healing

Many of us, during the earlier stages of meditation practice, find it difficult to quiet the mind. There’s a great deal of external “noise” coming at us from all directions on a daily basis. The life stressors are seemingly endless. Finding inner peace amid all of that chaos is undoubtedly challenging. Have you considered mala beads as a soothing solution during your quiet moments of meditation? If so, how have the 108 bead necklaces strengthened your concentration? Do you find it’s easier to keep track of your mantra count?

Consider how your body feels as a whole. Have you noticed any great changes to your inner self, depending on the gemstone you choose to pray with? Many people, new to this way of living, may not realize that malas made with gemstones may contain the ability to heal the body of mental and physical sickness. Prayer is vital in and of itself, but the 108 bead counts enhance your prayer life, align your chakras, and aid in your overall well-being. Mala beads are an incredible asset. *

Genuine Crystal Saffron Mala

I ask these questions in the hopes of getting you to think about your own spiritual journey. Sometimes in the quest for enlightenment, we forget just how far we’ve come in our perspective journeys. Chances are, you’re significantly more peaceful, healthier, mentally stronger, and happier now than you were when you first began. You may not be exactly where you’d like to be, but you’re certainly not where you used to be. This is why I strongly encourage the use of mala beads. They’re for strength. For healing. For prosperity. For anything you may be lacking in your own self-development that needs improvement. My hope is that your own set of zen beads will help you grow in such a tremendous way that when you look back, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come over time.

Click here if you’re in search of a certain gemstone for its specific healing property. If you’re looking for your very first set of naturally created, quality mala prayer beads, we’d love to help, and believe you’ll find whatever it is you desire most.

*These are traditional metaphysical folklore, not intended as medical advice or to treat illness, and pertains to all references on site to healing properties. These are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any illness, and are for entertainment purposes only.

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