Uncovering Our Inner Divine with Affirmation Mantras

Affirmation Mantras


Positive affirmations can change our lives. We experience all reality on the basis of our personal mind, so if we change this mind, our experience changes too.  Indeed, we can reveal our natural divinity with Affirmation Mantras.  Affirmations are simple messages, a word or phrase that expresses an intention of what we’d like to see in ourselves or our world, like “I AM BEAUTIFUL.” Repeated over and over, they start really have a powerful effect on us, gradually shifting our reality and our thinking. Affirmation or intention mantras can release one from nervousness, pessimism, guilt, fear and pain, and bring about a new, hopeful inner strength. These affirmations may start as seeming a bit fabricated at first, one might repeat, for example, “I AM POWERFUL,” after a very painful divorce. After some time, we begin to see these qualities in ourselves, we can uncover this dormant strength and this can become our life’s reality.

The first thing to do is take an honest self reflective inventory, what quality would I like to evoke in me to improve my life and create more balance? For example one might make a list like: “I often have self doubt, guilt about not being perfect, a bit overweight and tend to be reactive and cranky.” What do I envision for myself? “I want to be a healthy, vibrant Yogini, joyful and strong, optimistic, I know somewhere, under it all, there is a hidden Goddess, just waiting for me to release her and shine!” From this, one could create a simple list of personalized, positive affirmations. One could use our intention malas as a way to stabilize the mind and repeat our own self healing mantra. Affirmations have been proven to work as a result of the power of positive thinking, the mind, however patterned, is defiantly receptive to change, and our new life, brimming right under the surface, just waiting for us to uncover it!

Neuroplasticity and Affirmations

The proven science behind this method is called neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the Cognitive Behavioral Therapeutic science of rewiring the mind for thoughts that are different and making adaptable changes. Children have this naturally, it’s inherent to our human learning and growing process. No matter how long we have had unhealthily patterns, or even the sad traumas and losses we have have experienced, a human mind is capable of change, if we use some effective and positive healing effort. Intention mantras can be an invaluable tool in this process, and it’s a whole lot cheaper and more effective that years of therapy. It relies on the ability for the being to self heal, and ultimately become self empowered, what an inner treasure. It’s important to keep these affirmations simple and concise and positive, as we are “speaking” to our inner, ageless self, not our intellect. Don’t be too disheartened if you don’t see changes immediately, the older we are, thought patterns and actions can be ingrained, so be kind to yourself, and keep at it!

intention mala beads



For example, positive affirmations have been proven help with: weight loss and making healthier diet and exercise choices as well as appreciating our “imperfect” selves and bodies, lack of confidence, improving self esteem, patience, aging and menopause, anxiety and depression, bringing in more or a new love, feeling gratitude and maybe even help with healing from disease! Give it a try and let us know how you do. Try these dally recitations, given by a noted Dharma teacher:
“I am a good person
I am a kind person
I am a loving person”

Modern “Magic!”

Intention mantras are great, because unlike traditional Sanskrit or Tibetan which are usually based on syllables, these are spoken to ourselves in our natural language, so we understand what we are saying so these recitations have much more transformation power. These are modern Mantras for the west, one could even say this practice is akin to modern day magic.
We at Sakura, believe that all beings in their nature are divine, let’s do this!
Namaste, “may see see the divine within us all” and may we all live our very best lives possible.

Using Mala Prayer Beads to Set Intentions for Yoga Practice

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Yoga is a meditative practice that attends to both the spiritual components of the mind and the physical structures of the body. Aligning these elements is a crucial part of any yoga practice and is achieved by setting intentions which help us recognize changes we wish to see within ourselves. Intentions are difficult to manufacture for those just beginning yoga, but even experienced yogis have trouble identifying and honoring these goals during practice. Mala Prayer Beads are excellent for adding meaning to our practice and are useful for signifying our intentions and helping us focus on spiritual goals.

Mindfulness & Malas

Strengthening our ability to focus on intentions aids us in developing mindfulness skills that are carried with us through our daily lives. However, building focus requires effort. This exercise in intention is made no easier by the fact that yoga was designed to help us achieve a state of calm and peace. Oftentimes this means we must empty our minds of wandering thoughts, but doing so makes focusing on personal intentions challenging. By adding Mala Prayer Beads into our sessions, we can set a mental focal point and begin to associate our Mala with our intentions.

Onyx for Grounding & Healing

The Onyx Knotted Mala is a perfect tool for aiming intentions. Onyx has natural healing properties and motivates the growth of internal power to facilitate changing bad habits. The serpentine in these prayer beads is especially effective for someone who is looking to overcome emotional trauma and foster acceptance. During practice, these beads are held or worn around the neck to signify our practice goals. For example, if we want to learn to recognize love for ourselves, we will use these beads to remind ourselves that we are worthy of love and acceptance. In future practices, our beads will symbolize this intention and serve as a guide to keep us focused on the path our intentions create.