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Discover How Gemstone Mala Jewelry Cаn Improve Your Life

  HEALING PROPERTIES OF GEMSTONE MALA JEWELRY Gemstone Mala Jewelry cаn be much more thаn а lovely аccessory to mаtch аn outfit; it cаn improve your life. Gemstones аttrаct аnd mаgnify specific energies which cаn enhаnce or diminish mаny situаtions in life. For thousаnds of yeаrs, people hаve worn organic gemstone jewelry to help them […]

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Mala Beads by Color for Reiki Healing

  What are the healing properties of mala beads by color? Light is energy and white light when broken down and refracted becomes a rainbow spectrum of colors. Those colors oscillate different wave vibrational frequencies, and according to Reiki (subtle light energy healing), these colors can influence us by opening and amplifying energy. In Tibetan […]

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Quartz Crystal, A Master Healing Stone

What Is Quartz? Quartz crystal, a master healing stone, should become an important part of everyone’s daily life. With crystals as pale and surreal as a wisp of smoke, as dark and clear as midnight waters, or as warm and rich as a cognac by the fire, this mineral honors its connection with Mother Earth. […]

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Healing Properties of our Mala Beads

If you are wondering which set of mala beads to choose from, we have a really cool Gemstone Numerology Birthstone Calculator at the bottom of this page. Just type in your birthdate and the suggested healing  stones specific to you will appear! But in general, how is your spiritual life? Do you find it easy […]