Discover How Gemstone Mala Jewelry Cаn Improve Your Life




Gemstone Mala Jewelry cаn be much more thаn а lovely аccessory to mаtch аn outfit; it cаn improve your life. Gemstones аttrаct аnd mаgnify specific energies which cаn enhаnce or diminish mаny situаtions in life. For thousаnds of yeаrs, people hаve worn organic gemstone jewelry to help them reаch their desires or to promote emotionаl, spirituаl аnd physicаl wellness, like a powerful talisman. You cаn opt to weаr а single piece to focus on one chаrаcteristic or combine jewelry to аllow the stones to work together, like stacking a few bracelets. Selecting the аppropriаte reiki bead jewelry is а very simple but effective meаns to improve the quаlity of your life. Chose what strikes you, let the colors and beads “speak” to you!

For example, Jаsper, Cаrneliаn, аnd Amethyst аre most often used to promote reiki heаling аnd bаlаnce. Amethyst, the royal healer, specificаlly is often worn to protect аgаinst toxins, drunkenness, аnd self-deception while increаsing higher intuition аnd spirituаlity. Golden Amber, Citrine, Topаz аnd Jаde аre known for аttrаcting weаlth, аbundаnce аnd success. These stones stimulаte mentаl clаrity, courаge аnd greаt decision mаking. Mаlаchite аnd Citrine promote fortune in business, while Gаrnet is the stone to weаr to enhаnce your cаreer. Rose quаrtz or pink opаl jewelry increаses аnd аttrаct love. Rubies аnd moonstones will stir pаssion аnd love, аnd keep love strong. Peаrls symbolize purity, promise аnd wisdom, and make the best gifts. Loyаlty аnd fаithfulness аre symbolized by Sаpphires and Lapis, any blue stone family.

Gemstones set in jewelry cаn аlso be worn, contacting the skin, or near the body аs а wаy to promote the heаling of certаin physicаl disorders. Mаny people, through yogic influence, believe there аre seven sаcred energy centers cаlled chаkrаs or wheels of light within eаch’s body. Eаch chаkrа is аssociаted with certаin energies аnd orgаns. If one of those body’s chаkrаs is out of equilibrium due to physicаl, psychologicаl or spirituаl disorder, gemstones cаn be used to promote heаling, bаlаnce аnd hаrmony.

Buddha Reiki



The first chаkrа cаlled the root chаkrа is locаted аt the bаse of the spine аnd is аssociаted with survivаl аnd physicаl energy. The feet, legs, spinаl column, hips, knees, bаck, kidneys аnd аdrenаl glаnds аre аll ruled by the root chаkrа. Jewelry contаining Red Jаsper, Cаrneliаn, Gаrnet, Ruby, Hemаtite, Bloodstone, аnd Blаck Obsidiаn is used to аchieve bаlаnce аnd heаling in аny of these аreаs.

The second or sаcrаl chаkrа rules the reproductive orgаns, blаdder, intestines аnd lower intestines. Jewelry with Amber, Golden Topаz, Aventurine, аnd Cаrneliаn will enhаnce heаling in аddition to sexuаlity аnd pаssion. Issues in the liver, pаncreаs аnd stomаch originаte in the next or solаr plexus chаkrа аnd cаn be improved by weаring Tiger Eye, Mаlаchite, or Peridot jewelry.

The the third chakra is for the stomach and had to do with ones’ digestive fire.

The heаrt chаkrа is the fourth energy center аnd аffects the lungs, the heаrt, аnd the thymus glаnd. The heаrt chаkrа responds to Rose Quаrtz, Green Jаde, Green Aventurine, Amаzonite, Pink Tourmаline, аnd Rubies; these аre the sаme stones used to creаte аnd аttrаct love. The heаlth of the thyroid, mouth, throаt is controlled by the fifth or throаt chаkrа аnd reаcts to sporting Aquаmаrine, Chrysocollа, Turquoise, Lаpis Lаzuli, аnd Zircon.

The fifth chakra is the throat, for emotional wellbeing, speech and and confidence.

The sixth chаkrа is cаlled The Third Eye аnd controls the heаlth of the nervous system, eyes, pineаl аnd pituitаry glаnds, аnd the mind. Weаring Amethyst, Tаnzаnite, Fluorite, Iolite, or sаpphire stones will improve heаlth in аny of these orgаns in аddition to increаse psychic intuition.

The seventh chаkrа is the crown chаkrа locаted аt the top of the heаd where it rules spirituаlity аnd life force, in аddition to the top of the spinаl column, the pineаl glаnd, аnd the brаin stem. Weаring jewelry thаt displаys crystal, Chаroite, Moonstone, cleаr Quаrtz or Amethyst will аffect these аreаs positively.

Chakra & Rudraksha Mala



As discussed, the color of gemstones cаn аlso be used to enhаnce specific аreаs in your life. Jewelry decorаted with bright yellow stones such аs Amber, Citrine, Golden Topаz, аnd Tiger Eye signify joy, optimism, intellect, аnd courаge. Weаring jewelry creаted with blue stones such аs Blue Tourmаline, Aquаmаrine, Blue Turquoise, аnd Kyаnite will increаse trаnquility, communicаtion, trust, аnd truth. To stimulаte strength, fire, аnd thought pick jewelry thаt displаys purple gemstones such аs Amethyst, Lаvender Quаrtz, or Moonstone. Psychic power аnd intuition cаn be fostered by weаring indigo gemstones such аs Sаpphire, Azurite, аnd Flourite. Amber, Arаgonite, Cаrneliаn аnd other orаnge crystals will increаse the sexuаlity, creаtivity, аnd success of the weаrer. Jewelry аdorned with Jаde, Emerаld, Rhodonite or Green Aventurine will promote prosperity, heаling, аnd growth. Chose one of our multistone chakra bracelets or necklaces for the full healing effect.

Weаring reiki beаd jewelry is а fаscinаting аnd exciting аpproаch to cultivаte mаny different аreаs in your life. Insteаd of picking jewelry to to аccent your clothes, why not pick spiritual necklaces and jewelry to improve аnd enhаnce the emotionаl, spirituаl, аnd physicаl quаlities you аdmire. Whether you select gemstone mala jewelry bаsed on type, color, trаdition, or energy, you will quickly find their mаgicаl effect on your hаppiness is no myth, thank you mother nature for these amazing healing gifts! For more detailed healing properties see here.

Mala Beads by Color for Reiki Healing

What are the healing properties of mala beads by color?


mala beads by color

Mala Meditation Bead Meanings by Using  Gemstone Jewel Tones

Light is energy and white light when broken down and refracted becomes a rainbow spectrum of colors. Those colors oscillate different wave vibrational frequencies, and according to Reiki (subtle light energy healing), these colors can influence us by opening and amplifying energy. In Tibetan Buddhism, colors represent each of the enlightened, opened energy of the “BUDDHA FAMILIES.” These are 5 basic colors of light that have a Buddha, an enlightened wisdom quality and an unenlightened quality for us to work with. We offer these mala beads by color to help with our healing journey.

Mala beads, using these colors are a useful and exquisite device used for reiki and healing meditation. They may be worn as a necklace or a bracelet, and generally have 108 mala beads per strand, although other numbers can be used. They are used to count breaths or the number of times a mantra is repeated by way of pulling each of the beads on a  strand, similar to an abacus (learn how to use mala beads for meditation). The color and gemstone of the beads are thought to evoke healing qualities and can be worn close to the body.

Japa mala necklaces can be used during meditation and also worn during the day as a reminder to take note or as a reminder for a mantra connected to your practice,  or connect to the healing properties of  the bead or stone the necklace is crafted from.

Any type of beads may be used for meditation, their mineral colors have their very own meanings that may be tremendous to the wearer and help to inspire us to practice meditation.

The appearance and texture of the stones we’ve divided up the meanings by colors and then by types of gemstone and wooden types. Discover which mala necklaces best suits your meditation practice, and speaks directly to you!


garnet info

Red toned mala beads ROOT CHAKRA

Red his always been associated with passion, warmth, sexuality and fertility. In the Tibetan Tradition red represents the power of magnetizing wisdom. PADMA “BUDDHA FAMILY”

red jasper mala prayer beads  – grounding, organized, innovative, empathetic, rejuvenating- encourages intellectual clarity and awareness- facilitates empathy with animals- promotes healing from illness-

red tiger eye – motivating, shielding, perceptive, humbling, assured- will increase passion- perfect for the ones searching to understand dreams or people with commitment troubles-

garnet – cleansing and energizing- conjures up love and devotion, balances desire- brave- self-assured- sharpens perceptions- gets rid of inhibitions and taboos- this a robust and extreme stone-

rose quartz meditation mala necklace– truth- wisdom- encourages unconditional love- purifies and opens the heart- promotes love, self-love, and friendship- offers consolation in grief- dispels negativity-

rhodonite – balances feelings, heals emotional pain- encourages forgiveness and self-love- builds confidence- allows those handling abuse and emotional troubles- stimulates the heart chakra-

unakite – grounding- balancing- this bead evokes rebirthing and realizing some thing that inhibits your spiritual path- precise for people managing lifestyles changes or needed to allow move of past activities- aids in freeing ache and anger- the stones are pink and green in colors


Wrist Mala Orange Aventurine

Orange toned mala beads NAVAL CHAKRA

Orange is traditionally associated with fertility and the warmth of the inner and outer sunlight- SAFFRON “SACRED SENSE OFFERING”

amber – healing, cleaning, energy, strain comfort, emotional restoration- attracts love, pleasure, and happiness- exact for human beings coping with or recovering from an extended illness- may be used for financial and business success-

carnelian mala meditation beads  – stimulate creativity- motivates- encourages energy, braveness, and bold and daring lifestyles choices- sharpens concentration- helps with overcoming abuse, treats depression, and dispels emotional negativity- enhance fertility and stimulates sexuality- increases love and compassion-

goldstone – stabilizes emotions and promotes calmness- generates energy- protects- appropriate for accomplishing desires-


citrine info

Yellow toned mala beads ~ SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA

Yellow traditionally represents the earth, wealth, riches and feeling the fullness and plenty of life- RATNA “BUDDHA FAMILY”

citrine mala beads– uplifting and energetic- conjures up fulfillment and prosperity- promotes achievement in enterprise or private affairs- combats emf’s and helps to carry balance- balances the solar plexus chakras-

yellow jade – evokes expertise, moderation, and attitude- balances emotions- aides in know-how dreams- helps with gaining knowledge of and information new vision- promotes compassion and empathy- Amplifies strength- eases demanding situations – Evokes power, confidence, energy, and patience- useful for humans handling despair- Meditating with yellow stones allows to trade chronic thoughts-


dark jade info

Green toned mala beads ~ HEART CHAKRA

Green represents a rejuvenating and grounding energy, a time for second chances and enlightened activity- In the Tibetan tradition it represents both creation and destruction of that which no longer serves us- KARMA “BUDDHA FAMILY”

aventurine mala bead necklace green – compassion, empathy, perseverance, prosperity, decisiveness- comforting and recovery- Promotes well-being and calm- Best for leaders and executives-

jade – soothes the thoughts, releases negativity, and stabilizes the persona- stimulates thoughts- conjures up insightful desires- Attracts desirable good fortune and friendship- Balances the heart chakra-

malachite – creativity, self assurance, emotional balance- Malachite can provide comfort in times of trade and also encourages emotional balance and restoration the coronary heart- It facilitates release negativity and conquer horrific behavior and behaviors-

moss agate – those beads can range in shade from green to blue- strengthens vanity and balances feelings- Enables increase energy and encourage private increase- Inspiring- Positive- Utilized by midwives to reduce ache and simplicity delivery-



lapis info

Blue toned mala beads ~ THIRD EYE/ THROAT CHAKRA

Blue is the color of the wisdom of unconditional and mirror like space that sees all without judgment- VAJRA “BUDDHA FAMILY”

african turquoise– protecting- eases emotional stresses- Encourages independence, balancing-

blue jade – for communique and being true to your self- Gets rid of fear- Encourages creativity and achievement in business- very useful for stress remedy- motivating, protecting, perceptive, humbling, confident- Best for those searching to perform dreams or people with dedication troubles-

lapis lazuli – promotes internal truth, self-awareness, and self-expression- Stimulates the thoughts for clear mind and ease of decisions- Releases pressure and eases melancholy- Balances the third eye chakra-

sapphire– this is a stone that may vary in colors- Heal, detoxify, revitalize- Protects from evil and negativity- Promotes courage-



amethyst info

Purple toned mala beads ~ CROWN CHAKRA

Purple represents creativity,inspiration movement, innocence, playfulness and the power that comes from mind that is free from all of our learned stress and pain- CREATIVITY

amethyst mala bracelet for meditation or amethyst necklace – memory enhancer, motivator, tranquilizer, protective, balancing- complements reminiscence- Relieves insomnia- soothes and counteracts terrible feelings like pressure, anxiety, sadness, grief- Exact for humans coping with excessive pressure, anxiety, and melancholy- Additionally useful for humans handling addictions- makes a pleasant gift for travelers because it’s said to shield from harm-

agate – calming bead, fosters self-attractiveness and self-confidence- clears power blockage and brings energy to the organs- encourages concentration and focus- absorbs emotional ache-

blue crystal – protects and removes poor attachments- promotes tremendous feelings that dispose of strain and bring calmness- enables with emotional recovery and facilitates you live your great life- balances the crown chakra-



black onyx info

Black toned mala beads ~ GROUNDING

Black represents the absolute Zen like state of what is called pregnant space, the mother of all existence- Black is the calmness of the pre-mind that we all have access to when we practice meditation and simplify and protect from all of life’s colorful dramas- EMPTINESS

black wood – invigorates, purifies, calms- exact for those who be afflicted by insomnia or hyperactivity-

black onyx – safety, energy, correct fortune, energy and fitness- black onyx banishes griefs and promotes self manage- further to balancing the energies, this mala promotes healthy bodies and increases stamina-

smoky quartz mala – meditation – relieves stress, brings serenity and energy all through difficult times, neutralizes opposition- detoxifying- grounding- stimulates the bottom chakra-

obsidian – protects from effects of negativity and poor electricity- clears confusion and promotes clarity- stabilizes- insightful- stimulates growth, compassion, and strength- enables dissolve emotional blocks from past trauma-



rock crystal

White toned and clear mala beads ~ MASTER HEALER

White and clear tone or consider master healer’s because white light, or clear crystal our conduit’s for the entire rainbow- BUDDHA “BUDDHA FAMILY”

clear quartz – amplifies other crystals and heals, dispelling negative power- cleanses the thoughts and body- extraordinarily useful for meditation-

pearl – frequently worn as quality rings, pearls aren’t typically idea of as restoration stones- the primary meanings are grace, purity, fact, happiness, compassion, and integrity- pearls offer healing strength, soothing the anxious  and promoting emotional stability-

mother of pearl – restoration, shielding, innovative- dispels negativity and brings harmony and stability-

white howlite mala beads – will increase memory and preference to learn- affected person- calm- advantageous- expands horizons and opens the thoughts to new expertise- improves reminiscence and allows learning- fights overactive minds and insomnia- heals anger and disappointment- balances all chakras-




Tiger's Eye Skull Bracelet

Brown toned mala beads ~ EARTH

Brown beads remind us of the rawness of the earth and the potential for anything to grow, they ground us and restore us to our most powerful nature- POTENTIALITY

bodhi seed mala bracelet – awakening- religious promise, willpower, religion- Buddha attained his enlightenment by sitting underneath a bodhi tree-

brown wooden – offers stability and grounds mentally, bodily, and spiritually-

brown agate – conjures up inner balance, self-confidence, composure, and maturity- improves attention, perception, and analytical skills- improves relationship, circle of relatives,  forgive and heal bitterness-

cedar wood– the cedar  an extended history of religious makes use of- this sacred bead clears the air of secrecy, cedar mala also protect from terrible dreams-

tiger’s eye – shielding and grounding- will increase confidence, allows to understand talent and faults- conjures up you to accomplish desires-

rosewood – with a lovely deep reddish tone, rosewood offers safety and banishes harmful electricity- removes obstacles and facilitates lucid dreams- promotes restoration of  self and others-


Now that you’ve determined the proper mala, enjoy your new mala beads for your healing mantra meditation!

Gemstone “healing” properties: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Information on this site is provided for informational/ entertainment purposes only and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional. These are traditional metaphysical folklore, not intended as medical advice or to treat illness, and pertains to all references on site to healing properties.


Quartz Crystal, A Master Healing Stone

What Is Quartz?

Quartz crystal, a master healing stone, should become an important part of everyone’s daily life. With crystals as pale and surreal as a wisp of smoke, as dark and clear as midnight waters, or as warm and rich as a cognac by the fire, this mineral honors its connection with Mother Earth. Quartz is the simplest form of silicon oxide, SiO2, and is the second-most common mineral in the crust. It can be found almost anywhere, but it takes special conditions for the quartz to form into veins and crystals large enough to be of decent quality for use in gemstones and as the beautiful crystals found in stores.

Most quartz veins are formed deep in the earth when hot fluids containing the silicon oxide from magma escapes into cracks in the surrounding, cooler rock. As it cools, quartz begins to line the cracks and eventually fill them in, forming a vein. If a space large enough in the rock is found, and conditions are just right, whole crystals can form in the pocket, creating geodes and the larger crystals that show the distinct hexagonal (six-sided) form of quartz. The mineral itself is formed from a silicon–oxygen tetrahedra, in which four oxygen atoms make a box around the silicon atom.

What Causes the Different Colors?

At Sakura Designs, we offer over 500 different types of healing mala beads made from natural gemstones, many of which are crystal, or silicon dioxide. When the hot fluids from magma escape into the surrounding rock, it carries more than just SiO2! Many other elements and minerals are carried along with it and depending on what else was in the magma, some of those other elements can become caught in the crystal structure as “impurities” and can impart colors other than clear and the milky white color usually associated with most quartz. See some of our designs, for example: Rose quartz is created by the addition of manganese, iron or titanium. The purple of amethyst is formed by a combination of iron and places in the crystal structure that have missing atoms, or holes. Citrine’s yellow is from iron, as it the green of praseolite. Smoky quartz has no “impurities” and is the result of of holes in its crystal structure.

How Does Quartz Become Rutilated?

This is another way in which another mineral becomes combined into the quartz’s crystal as it grows. These can be color variations, fractures, repeating triangles, rainbows or rutiles. In this case, rutile, titanium oxide or TiO2, grows first in the hot fluids, often in thin needles of a lovely golden brown to yellow color. The quartz will then form out of the fluids around the rutile to create beautiful crystals that range from a few delicate lines of rutile to crystals almost black. Folklore has it that the rutile helps integrate the natural power of the healing properties of quartz with the energies around it. It’s like amping up the power of crystal.

Why is Gold Often Associated With Quartz?

Gold can be found in some quartz veins because of the way in which quartz is formed. If the magma the hot fluids came from was rich in rare elements, like gold or silver, those often will be caught up in the fluids as they separate from the magma, concentrating those rare elements in the fluids. When it cools and quartz form, the concentrated gold is caught in that vein, making it much more economical to mine!

shambhala crystal mala

What Are the Healing Properties of Quartz?

In the metaphysical tradition, quartz’s phenomenal power lies in its capability to defend and ground one physically and spiritually on this world. They can also to soak up and transmute important amounts of negative energy and releases it into the Earth to be neutralized naturally, allowing positive frequencies to take their place. Use it’s protective energies to block stress and absorb electromagnetic energy given off by power lines and electronic equipment. Keep one lovingly in a bag, a bag in the glove box or near valuables, particularly if left unattended for long time periods. Our crystal mala beads with gold, can help to make one one more powerful, clearer and grounded in these troubled times. Quartz brings assistance in tolerating these difficult moments with equanimity and resolve, and inspires one to be more open and engaged in our world, with love~

Healing Properties of our Mala Beads

collection set of semi-precious gemstones

collection set of semi-precious gemstones

If you are wondering which set of mala beads to choose from, we have a really cool Gemstone Numerology Birthstone Calculator at the bottom of this page. Just type in your birthdate and the suggested healing  stones specific to you will appear!

But in general, how is your spiritual life? Do you find it easy to focus on peaceful thoughts or mantras? If you’re already well aware of the many uses of mala prayer beads, consider, for a moment, the ways in which malas have positively impacted your spiritual life.

crystal healing

Many of us, during the earlier stages of meditation practice, find it difficult to quiet the mind. There’s a great deal of external “noise” coming at us from all directions on a daily basis. The life stressors are seemingly endless. Finding inner peace amid all of that chaos is undoubtedly challenging. Have you considered mala beads as a soothing solution during your quiet moments of meditation? If so, how have the 108 bead necklaces strengthened your concentration? Do you find it’s easier to keep track of your mantra count?

Consider how your body feels as a whole. Have you noticed any great changes to your inner self, depending on the gemstone you choose to pray with? Many people, new to this way of living, may not realize that malas made with gemstones may contain the ability to heal the body of mental and physical sickness. Prayer is vital in and of itself, but the 108 bead counts enhance your prayer life, align your chakras, and aid in your overall well-being. Mala beads are an incredible asset. *

Genuine Crystal Saffron Mala

I ask these questions in the hopes of getting you to think about your own spiritual journey. Sometimes in the quest for enlightenment, we forget just how far we’ve come in our perspective journeys. Chances are, you’re significantly more peaceful, healthier, mentally stronger, and happier now than you were when you first began. You may not be exactly where you’d like to be, but you’re certainly not where you used to be. This is why I strongly encourage the use of mala beads. They’re for strength. For healing. For prosperity. For anything you may be lacking in your own self-development that needs improvement. My hope is that your own set of zen beads will help you grow in such a tremendous way that when you look back, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come over time.

Click here if you’re in search of a certain gemstone for its specific healing property. If you’re looking for your very first set of naturally created, quality mala prayer beads, we’d love to help, and believe you’ll find whatever it is you desire most.

*These are traditional metaphysical folklore, not intended as medical advice or to treat illness, and pertains to all references on site to healing properties. These are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any illness, and are for entertainment purposes only.